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Leaders of JIUSHI GROUP Arrived at SUNWIN for Research Back List >September 2020

    On the afternoon of July 29, Li Zhongqiu, the Vice-President of JIUSHI GROUP, Zhang Biwei, the Party Secretary &General Manager of Jiushi Bus and other related leaders to arrive at SUNWIN for guidance. Gui Longming, the General Manager of SUNWIN and the principal of each department joined the research meeting.
    The leaders of JIUSHI GROUP got acquainted with the existing major vehicle types for sales and key vehicle types for development at SUNWIN in the trial-production workshop of sample vehicle at first, then understood the development capacity of the complete vehicle for SUNWIN at the technical central laboratory and finally visited the painting workshop and final assembly workshop. After the visit, the leaders of both parties conducted discussions and communications at conference room No. 508 of SUNWIN and exchanged their opinions on the practical problems appeared during cooperation to lay a foundation for consolidating the subsequent cooperation and sustainable development.